Monday, September 17, 2007

Sock Saviour

Remember when I wrote that I hadn't heard from my gifter sock pal, the one who was supposed to be knitting socks for me? Well, I still haven't heard from her. And I'd resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't.

But, most happily, I now have a Sock Saviour! Someone who has taken pity on me, in my sockless plight, and has jumped in to be my new sock pal! Auntie MiMi (as she is calling herself; her real identity will remain secret until I receive my socks) has written to me to let me know that she has purchased yarn for my socks, and is now searching for a pattern. She has also given me some clues as to who she might be. Of course, she is a fellow Sockapaloozer, and has already knit socks for someone else, but since there were over a thousand of us, that doesn't narrow the field down much!

I'm happy to ponder it gently, and wait for all the be revealed at a later date. Now that the weather is turning colder here, though, I really need to finish that second sock from the second pair I was making for my sock pal. I gave her an IOU. Hang in there, Dawn!


greeeenwithenv said...

They should ban that sock pal. That's so not fair.

MooCow said...

Hear, hear. Three cheers for Auntie MiMi!