Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spicing Up the Kitchen

I bought what turned out to be a collectible set of spice jars (each jar has the name of a particular herb or spice, and a painting of the plant from which it comes) from Ebay about a year ago. They were hanging out in the china cabinet in the old apartment.

In this apartment, there isn't space for a china cabinet in the kitchen, but I finally managed to buy a wooden spice rack (again, on Ebay). The only problem was, there wasn't any hardware to mount it onto the wall. Well, I went browsing in Home Depot, convinced I would find something suitable, and I did.

Using the power drill set that Moocow is having me hold onto for her, and a screw driver, I attached some ring hangers to the back of the spice rack. Then, I hammered some heavy-duty picture hooks (a kid-safe, slip-free kind, so the rings on the ring hanger aren't going to slip or get knocked out) into the wall, with some help from a spirit level (I learned about these from CDT classes, a.k.a. workshop, in secondary school) and my roommate, so that it hangs perfectly straight.

It's great, being able to see my spices, and access them quickly. The scary thing is, I still have some spices and other seasonings in the cupboard! At some point, I may need a second spice rack!

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