Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Karma and Cauliflower

I didn't sleep much last night at all. Why? Because I was in pain from various sources. I had my braces tightened yesterday, mainly the top, front teeth, so they're the ones that really hurt. But sometimes I like to sleep on my stomach. Every time I turned my face into the pillow, I pressed into my teeth, and the pain would wake me up.

I also acquired a magnificent bruise yesterday. I was teaching introductory biology lab, and the students were doing experiments where they had to count the heart rate of Daphnia (commonly known as water fleas) in response to alcohol and caffeine. One pair of students had couldn't find the heart because their Daphnia was swimming around too much. I used a tissue to blot up a little of the water on the slide, and accidentally (it's difficult to control!) soaked up all the water. The poor Daphnia was stuck on the tissue! I ran across the lab room to where the water tank was stationed and took a flying leap to try and return the Daphnia to the water before it died. Well, I wasn't successful. It must have been the bad karma from having killed such a small, helpless creature; I have a terrible lump and bruise on my elbow where I slammed into a lab bench. Not one of my better moments. Every time my elbow pressed into the mattress, I would wake up from the pain.
On a pain-free note, there was some lovely cauliflower in this week's CSA share. I've never had such fresh cauliflower before, so I wanted to prepare it simply in order to fully appreciate its flavour. I chose to cook it with a little bit of butter, garlic, salt, pepper and fresh parsley, also from the CSA. It was delicious!


greeeenwithenv said...

Oh, Lana. I'm sorry to read about all the bad stuff you've been experiencing lately. Happy belated birthday. I hope you received my package in time.

Lana said...

I did! Thank you, it was a very thoughtful present, and beautiful, as usual!

MooCow said...

mmm...everything on that plate looks scrum-diddly-umptious!