Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick meal

To allay Moocow's worries that I'm not eating properly. I've been so stressed, I haven't wanted to do anything but cook, but I haven't had much time. And I haven't really wanted to eat what I've made. Tonight, I wanted to take my new saute pan for a spin by making pan seared salmon fillets with a honey-cider vinegar sauce and dill (something I made up), but the seafood section at the supermarket was closed by the time I got there.
Instead, I bought some of this sweet apple chicken sausage and sauteed it with onions and the cider vinegar and honey to bring out the apple flavour.
I used the dill to make a creamy dill cucumber salad. I was supposed to press the cucumbers under a weight for a couple of hours, to get some of the liquid out, but I couldn't wait. It still tasted fine. There's nothing quite like fresh dill!

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