Saturday, September 22, 2007

Drops Pattern Archive

This is for Moocow, Greenwithenv and Kea!

I was browsing new patterns that had been added to Ravelry's extensive database when I came across a whole tonne of Drops knitting patterns, all of which appeared to be available for free. Of course, I went to the Drops website to check this out, and it turns out that their patterns are being translated into English and being made available on this site. Thousands of patterns!

Some of the designs are truly beautiful. There's something for everyone: women, men, children, traditional-styled, classic or trendy, it's all there!

One caveat: most of the patterns have been translated into British English. There are some differences in knitting terminology - and, of course, in measuring units! - between American and British English, so be aware!

1 comment:

Kea said...

I've been looking through the website and I did find a poncho I rather liked... Ah, if only I had the cash. I need to get paid!