Friday, September 28, 2007

Pan Seared Salmon in a Cider Vinegar and Dill Sauce

I did manage to get to the supermarket today before the fresh seafood section closed, and I bought a small salmon fillet. I seasoned the fillet with some freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, and some fresh dill and extra virgin olive oil. Then, I started to pan fry it in my saute pan.

My little, tiny portion was too small for my big, new saute pan, though. The small quantity of cider vinegar and honey sauce I mixed up disappeared from the hot pan in a flash, and I ended up blackening both the fillet and the pan more than I wanted to. In terms of taste, it wasn't bad (and the salmon was still succulent), but next time I may marinate it in the cider vinegar, honey and dill for a while so it picks up more flavour. Or, perhaps, I should use a smaller pan and/or more sauce.

I don't think I've given up on this idea quite yet. I definitely think this is something I can work with. And, of course, farm fresh, organic mesclun and tomatoes will improve any simple meal.

That isn't all the cooking I did tonight, though. Not by any means. I made a creamy beet and dill soup (yes, I had tonnes of dill and beets from the CSA), which I finished after dinner. Being full, it didn't make much sense to plate up the soup just so I could take a picture of it. I'll post that when I do eat it.

I also did some baking for A's birthday. My gargantuan little brother is turning 18!! He really loves cheesecake (and, can I blame him?), so I made him some mini cheesecakes. That turned into a bit of an adventure, though. Stay tuned for confessions, notes and pictures!

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