Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fondue Party

My new roommate, Whitney's, birthday is just a couple of days before mine. One of her friends gave her a beautiful All Clad fondue set as a present and, as a belated birthday celebration for me after I'd come back from my trip to NYC, Whitney broke out her brand new fondue pot and whipped up a chocolate fondue!
With all the appropriate fixings, of course. Ahhhh, it was a lovely, lovely way to spend the evening. The fondue set was very nice indeed. There's a porcelain insert that sits in the metal fondue pot, which you can fill with water to gently heat chocolate and cheese fondues, much like in a double boiler. The metal pot itself can be used for meat/oil fondues, which I've never tried before, but which I think I will probably get to try some time in the near future. Whitney, and All Clad, are the best!

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greeeenwithenv said...

Oh man, more memories of our time at Cornell. FONDUE!!! I miss those fondue nights at AXE.