Monday, June 12, 2006

Makeshift plant pots

One of Boyfriend's friends brought me a couple of little plants at our housewarming party. The pots they came in looked way too small, though, so I transferred them into these plant pots I made out of jumbo distilled water bottles.

It was amazingly hard to poke holes in the bottom for drainage. I tried hammering it with a nail, to no avail. I actually had to get my electric drill out. The plastic is really thick there! Add a few strings and a hook, and they hang from my kitchen window bars. I think they're kind of cute in a DIY sort of way. (Right now they're above the sink, dripping. Plus the backlighting at the window makes it difficult to photograph them there.)

I've got leaves turning yellow already. I can never tell if it means I'm watering too little, or watering too much...

Weather's been miserable lately. It's been raining for 2 weeks straight. Blech. My parents are probably real peeved because it means they can't play tennis (they're both obsessive about it.) Hmm.. Which reminds me. Father's day is coming up. What to do, what to do? Ma's easy. Just get flowers. Never know what to get for Dad, since anything he wants he'll just go and buy himself.



Lana said...

Not enough sun, and watering too much, I think. Did you check if the plants were root-bound before re-potting them? Sometimes you need to trim away some of the roots if they're all packed together and circling around at the bottom of the pot.

Kea said...

Thanks! I didn't know you had to do that. The roots definitely looked packed when the plants were given to me.

I'll cut back on the watering and see how they do. And also drill a few more holes. Can't do much about the sun, I'm afraid. This apartment doesn't get a whole lot of light.

By the way, do you know what kind of plants they are and what sort of care they need?

greeeenwithenv said...

My dad is a total tennis fanatic, too. Too bad my mom isn't. They fight a lot because of his tennis. It would be less of a rumble at home if they were both fanatics!

I think I'm enough of a grown up now to start taking my parents out to a meal when it's their special day. We all have enough material things, so I think good food is a nice way to go. Or maybe you can make something for him to eat? Probably not that cabbage pancake, though. ;)

Lana said...

Sorry, can't say I really know what kind of plants they are. But they look pretty Hong Kong-generic, i.e. my grandmother has stuff that looks like that, too. And since my grandmother only has two plants that she abuses every once in a while, I think you should be okay. Most plants (apart from thos growing in bogs, marshes, wet meadows and the like) don't like to have their "feet" wet all the time. Give them a good watering by saturating the soil until water runs out the bottom (for several minutes, if they're severely dehydrated) and let the excess water drain out and away. Then, let them get almost dry until the next watering. Depending on light conditions, humidity, etc., you might only need to water once or twice a week. Stick a finger into the soil to check; if it's dry an inch below, it's time to water. After a while, you might be able to tell your plants need watering by the weight of the pot.