Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Snoopy Shrank!

Did you ever buy ice-cream from one of those ice-cream trucks as a kid? There used to be one parked outside my grade school every afternoon after classes. You could get some pretty good stuff for 50-cents then: fake cigarettes that would blow out "smoke" (powdered sugar or something similar), push-pops, bubblegum tape, Nerds, ice-cream cones and bars........ You can't get any of that for 50-cents anymore.

Did you ever get one of those Snoopy ice-cream bars? I seem to remember them being a pretty good size (huge, to a seven-year-old), and Snoopy had a bubblegum nose. Had. Today, the company I'm working for had an ice-cream truck park outside and hand out stuff for free. It had been so long - it was a trip down memory lane - but I asked for Snoopy. Well, he was much smaller than I recalled him being. He came in the same-sized packaging as any regular ice-cream bar. And no longer did he have the pink, Rudolph-esque, bubblegum nose. Even though it was free, I still feel cheated. Is nothing sacred?!

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greeeenwithenv said...

I remember those bars, except I think the ones I ate were Disney characters.

So many things from my childhood shrank! The first reason that comes to mind is that we have physically grown, and yet the object our our childhood affection has not. So while I can't say for sure if your Snoopy bar really shrank or if it just appeared to because of your change in perspective, I will offer this: I have bunch of old stuffed animals from way back that I kept in the back of my parents' home closet. When I moved out, I had to take all my toys with me, including one giant stuffed killer whale that I used to "ride" on top of. Now it barely covers my lap. I was stunned. If someone asked me to estimate the dimensions of that whale before I rediscovered it, still taking my growth into account, I surely would've estimated that it was at least three feet long. I love you, Mr. Whale! You'll always be three feet in my heart! ;p