Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dress needs home

My friend is an impulsive shopper. Not a compulsive shopper, mind you, an impulsive one.

And if you've been shopping in Mong Kok's Fa Yuen Street, you'll know that the boutiques are full of all manner of bizarre and ill-advised garments. And one day, she bought this dress. And decided it was a bad idea. And couldn't get an exchange or a refund. (In Hong Kong? Are you kidding?)

You see, it didn't originally look like this. It had one of those bunched up froofy hems. Like the bottoms of harem pants. Or a gigantic puff sleeve. You know, the ones that make you look like a mushroom. And on the front, there was an ugly brown gauze ribbon with a poorly-made swirl of beads and sequins.

I took it home, let out the hem so that it would fall straight, and replaced the brown ribbon with this stripy netting I acquired from one of my friend's previous fashion mistakes. (That was the Strangest Skort Ever Made. Some of that skort has since become a small purse.)

And guess what? After all that work I did, she still didn't want it. So now it's homeless. It does not fit me, and even it it did it's not my style. I have a tomboy reputation to maintain, you know. It looks white in the picture, but it's actually cream. It is a Hong Kong size medium, or a US size small. I think it's got what's called an "empire waist", which is elasticated. On me (height 5'3") it reaches to just below the knee. Those things on the straps are wooden beads. It's cotton, with a nylon lining inside. If you want it, it's yours. I will even mail it to you for free. Just leave me a comment.


Lana said...

Hey, Carine-bean! I'll wear it. Or, I'll try to wear it. Do you think I'll fit?

Kea said...

Hey Lana,
I reckon it would fit you as you seem approximately the same size and shape as my friend. Email me your address and I'll stick it in the mail. And if it doesn't fit, hey, it was free. :)

greeeenwithenv said...

Pretty. I wish the weather would warm up sooner.

Lana, I think that dress would look so cute with one of the shrugs you're making.