Saturday, April 15, 2006


It's been almost a week since I moved into my new place here. I've been busily cleaning away, wiping, scrubbing and mopping at every surface I find, and unpacking. Yesterday, I finally found a dresser that wasn't a) butt ugly, or b) overpriced on Craigslist, so Andrea and I went to pick it up today.

After she'd left for work (yes, the poor girl goes into the office on weekends!) I started unpacking my clothes. I was kneeling with my right knee and left foot on the floor (think marriage-proposal stance), my head turned away, when the dresser keeled over and fell on top of my left knee. Yikes!!!! I didn't even see it coming, so it came down full force! I now have a humongous bruise on my knee and a sprain in my left ankle from the force of the dresser - almost completely filled with clothing - falling down on me. Lesson learnt: Don't fill a dresser and have more than one drawer open when you're in an old Victorian house and all the floors slope inwards.

But now that I'm almost settled in, I'm looking to explore the area. I already know where the nearest library is. Check. There's a bus stop half a block away. Check. What a girl needs next (well, what this girl needs) is an asian supermarket!! Somewhere where I can get my fresh fish, a good selection of leafy, green vegetables and all the makings for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indian food!

Last time I was up here and went to a Vietnamese restaurant I asked the waitress where they got their fresh produce from, and was told that they go to the China Supermarket on Colvin Street. So, that's where Andrea, Erin and I are headed this evening. We'll scope out the place, stock up on some food, come back here to cook it, and watch a movie courtesy of Netflicks!

Then, the other day, I found this link to a list of ethnic grocers in the area. Complete and utter bliss!!!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is something similar for other areas like the D.C. area?

MooCow said...

mark, you could totally do one would be the ideal person!