Monday, April 03, 2006

Shower emergency

I was helping my roommate, Andrea, move into our new apartment in Albany this weekend. The move went so well, we decided to stay at the new place, even though there were some odds and ends left at her old place.

It was pretty late - and we were completely exhausted - when we realised that we didn't have a shower curtain for the shower stall. I just can't go to sleep without taking a shower at night, and I'd gotten all hot and sweaty moving huge, heavy pieces of furniture.

So, I "sewed" a temporary shower curtain. Our moving buddy, Erin, just happened to have a huge, black garbage bag in her purse. (Please don't ask me why, I was just greatful!) I slit it down the sides, but kept the bottom intact, so it formed a long rectangle. Using some scrapbooking tape (it's just double-sided tape) that Andrea had in her desk - which we had moved that morning - I taped the curtain by one end to the curtain rod. Then, to prevent the curtain from billowing, I attached some pennies to the bottom with more tape. It took me all of three minutes, but I had a nice, hot shower that night!

Sorry, no pictures! I didn't have my camera with me. But I'll be moving in myself next weekend, so I might take a picture then.

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greeeenwithenv said...

Miss MacGyver over here. ;p Well done!