Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blue backpack (of doom)

This is the backpack I made. I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along.

It's all done in single crochet, using two big discount bin Red Heart Super Saver balls of double worsted (I think), and one large ball of unidentified black fuzzy stuff I bought off the street in Mong Kok. I crocheted it using a 6 mm hook with two strands taken together - either 2 blue strands, or one blue and one black, to create the stripes. I don't think it matters what you use as long as it's pretty strong. Pick a hook that gives you a pretty tight weave. The goal is to make the holes as small as possible. Cotton would have been a good idea, but I had all this leftover stuff. I also put the hook through both the front and back of the stitch, which makes it sturdier.

I first crocheted a rectangular base, about 11X10 inches. Then I went around and around to make the body of the bag, about 13 inches high. I put the seam in the middle of the back so that it can't be seen when the backpack is worn. I also discovered that if you turn the bag around and crochet back the other way with every line, the seam won't creep diagonally. (Does that even make sense?)

Then you do the flap (line the centre up with the seam). I made mine 6 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. It's tapered up towards the end. (Decreased 1 stitch on either side for the last 6 rows). Then make a loop at the top for the toggle button to go through. I haven't really figured out a good way to do this. I braided some yarn and wove it in, but it comes loose sometimes.

I did the straps by attaching (doubled) yarn to the bottom corners of the bag and making a chain 24 inches long, and attaching the other end to the top. Then you crochet into the chain, chaining both ends into the body of the bag as you go along. I made them 4 rows wide.

Then thread in the drawstring, sew on the toggle, and it's done. I also recommend sewing a lining for it, just in case.

I wouldn't put anything really heavy, like books, in it. But it does fine for my wallet and keys and moisturizer and pens and lip balm and business card box and the other junk I carry around every day.

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Lana said...

Yay!!! Your inaugural post! I think the bag is great! I really take your example and really let my inner wild-child loose. I should knit and crochet without a pattern! After all, that's how they all used to do it, by God! Kudos!

greeeenwithenv said...

Nice job! Anyone who can make up her own pattern and turn it into a useable object is rare talent in my book. And dishrags and simple scarves do not count!

Kea said...

I'm actually medically incapable of following anything more than the simplest, fastest patterns. I get bored too easily and then I never finish them! I'll look at patterns or existing objects for ideas, and then I'll improvise. The downside of course, is that I don't have the patience to persist with an instruction book for long enough to learn any advanced techniques.