Thursday, April 06, 2006

sSimple skirt

When I was living in Boston, I bought a bunch of really nice orange-red material at a yard sale, but haven't done anything with it until now.

Then recently I found this website. It contains step-by-step instructions on how to make a pattern for a simple skirt. It's really detailed.

And this is the result. I modified it a little. Instead of being completely straight, I made it a very slight A-line. I made it flat-fronted instead of putting darts in it, which I think looks a bit daft. This involves a bit of mathematical fudgery. All the space you'd winch in with front darts, you transfer to the sides.

And then I had a bit of trouble with the back. I realized a little late that it is not a good idea for a skirt to have three darts in the back. (Oh LOOK! A delineated butt crack!) So I took the middle one out, and the skirt ended up a bit too big. So I had to unpick part of the waistband and add a little elastic.

And then I added the little button tab. I didn't realize my mom's sewing machine could make buttonholes, so I ended up hand-binding it. Looks like a mess, but whatever.

But hey, not bad for my first measured garment. It even has my first zipper installation and it doesn't look too weird.

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Lana said...

You're giving me sewing-envy!! I have all this stuff in my stash that I'm going to attack right after my move.