Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving Along Now

I got my six teeth taken out on June 27th, and on July 1st I moved out of my old apartment into the new one. It was a bit of a circus. One of the guys who was going to help me move got appendicitis. My two cousins wanted to back out on me, but I convinced them that I needed their help and, thankfully, they came through. Then U-haul didn't have the moving truck that I'd reserved, because people from the previous day hadn't returned any trucks. We ended up getting two, small moving vans. But all's well that ends well. I'm moved in now, and am slowly settling in and unpacking.

Anyway, since a little before the move, and for two weeks after, I didn't do any knitting. One of the reasons was that I knew I should be working on the pair of Bayerische socks for my sock pal, but I'd made a mistake, and was putting off undoing those tiny stitches. I'm using size 00 needles!

But, on Wednesday, I took a break from housework and my internship and stopped by my LYS, The Yarn Depot, to show the ladies my Snowflake Lace socks (also for my sock pal), which I'd finished and they had expressed a desire to see. Then, I fixed my mistake on Bayerische and knit about an inch of the leg. I just hope I'll finish in time to send these off! The Clementine Shawlette is finished, too. It just needs to be blocked, and I'm waiting for the pins I ordered from PinKits before the move!! Oh, well. It's too hot to be worn right now anyway.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky pal you have! The Snowflake socks are cute and the Bayerische are already off to a gorgeous beginning.

greeeenwithenv said...

Eeeek, sounds like your moving day was, well... I'm just happy it's over for you. You have to send me your new address!