Sunday, July 29, 2007

Red Things

Here's a picture of the borscht I was making a little while back. I had such a huge pot of it, I froze some and am still eating away at it. The recipe I used from AllRecipes was very simple, but I think it was lacking in a little something. When I reheated some of the soup later, I tried adding a bit of dill. I think it might also taste better with a big of cider vinegar, as I've seen in other borscht recipes. I may also want to try adding caraway seeds to it at some point (also something I've seen in other recipes), although Moocow thinks it would taste weird. No harm in trying, though!

Also, can you see the salt pig to the right side of the picture? I've been wanting a salt pig for ages and ages. They're so cute (mine has ears and a curly tail on the back), and seem much more practical than a salt shaker for kitchen use. You can pinch out the exact amount of salt you want, or easily measure some out with a measuring spoon. The material (ceramic) and design keep the salt dry and clump free. Magical, isn't it? I found it for less than $5 at Marshalls!
I finally went out and bought a desk chair! Do you know what I had been using in the meantime? My rocking chair. Yup, my rocking chair. It wasn't too uncomfortable but, with my roommate about to arrive, I thought I should put the rocking chair back out in the living room so people other than myself could actually sit in it.

I went to Staples at sat in all their reasonably priced office chairs, multiple times. I thought about getting the least expensive one available, but I know I'll be spending a lot of time in this chair working. Having sat in some of the more expensive chairs, I knew how comfortable they could be. I finally settled on this chair, a Posturepedic, which was on sale.
You can pay Staples $5 to put it together for you, but I decided that I would put it together myself. Getting the box from my car up my winding staircase was no fun, though! Assembly was fairly simple, and now I am the proud owner of a comfortable desk chair.

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