Sunday, July 08, 2007

Basic Pastry Tool Box

In case anyone is curious, here's what goes into the basic kit that was presented to every new student. There is a list that describes every item, too. The only things I added were the thermometer, silicone brush, masking tape, and the paint brush set, although no doubt I will be adding more over time!


greeeenwithenv said...

After a quick look at that picture, I thought Lana was getting to make repairs to her new apartment! Tool box, indeed!

Lana said...

Can you get a better-looking toolbox, or is that against regulations, too?

MooCow said...

yeah, i hear ya. this one's actually rather good-looking. all the teachers at school have metal industrial-looking ones. one is so huge, it's on wheels. one student actually has a lavender one from Wilton, but it's much smaller and kinda looks wimpy in comparison, ya know? i'm okay with this one, although i need to think of a way to make mine unique. two other people in my class have the same box! it was only $9.30 at Home Depot, including tax. cool stickers, anyone? a Life is Good store opened up nearby...maybe i'll get a sticker from there to slap onto my box.