Saturday, May 05, 2007

More Mess

Because dirty fieldwork clothing that she had left (on the floor) in the laundry room had begun to stink, my roommate took a day off work on Wednesday, "to catch up on things." I hoped against hope that that would include some housecleaning.It turned out to include just laundry. Weeks and weeks of laundry that she must have been hiding away in her bedroom. From around 9 a.m. to past midnight. No housecleaning. Instead, here is the turtle station, with more used cotton swabs and dirty paper towels strewn all over the place. She squeezes herself in there to check e-mail, but it doesn't occur to her to clean some of that up!
And, on the other side, more piles of field equipment. I suggested that maybe she could move things out to the porch, since the weather has warmed up considerably. Apparently, that's not acceptable because she doesn't want to contaminate the wild turtles with anything her pet turtles might be carrying. Great. And it's okay to contaminate the house, the carpet, the kitchen? (The doorway to the kitchen is right next to the turtle stand.)


amanda j said...

Thanks for your comments on my knitting Lana! I couldn't find how to email you, so this will have to do. Firstly - you poor thing having to live with that mess! It must be frustrating.

As for the 'triad', it was bought by my Grandfather for my mother, she gave it to me when he died. He bought her lots of them over the years. I have never heard them called triads before, we just call them "cup plate and saucer"! I don't use it, it sits in the cupboard looking pretty.


greeeenwithenv said...

Yikes. I wish I had a good suggestion for you to solve this problem, but the only thing I can think of is to confront her. Have you tried?

Lana said...

Yes. Since we moved in a little over a year ago, we've had two "talks." The first one where she said she'd would do her part to clean. The second where basically I said that she couldn't get upset with me if I cleaned when she wouldn't clean.