Saturday, May 05, 2007

The First Cut

I think I've narrowed down my choices to two patterns for each pair of socks. For the wool socks, I think it's either going to be Eunny's Bayerische.................. .....or Cookie A's Baudelaire. For both these socks, I think the lovely, textured stitches would show up best with either a solid or heathered yarn, don't you?
And, for the cotton pair, it will either be the Rainy Day Socks (with the changes in yarn weight and gauge I mentioned before).......
......or this pair of Snowflake Lace socks. I think this pair would be nice with a subtly variegated yarn in a single hue. I'm still considering which cotton yarn would be good. Perhaps something with bamboo, as one, kind reader suggested. I think it's supposed to have anti-bacterial qualities; a good thing for a pair of summer socks, n'est-ce pas?
Thank you, everybody, for your comments!!


Jen said...

If you knit Bayerische, use a solid yarn so that cables are the main attraction. And best of luck - I finished one and have had to take a break before starting the second!

Also with Bayerische, make sure that you have extra yarn on hand, as they eat yarn like no socks I've ever made before.

And I looooove the Snowflake socks!

Abby said...

Hi, Lana!
You visited my blog and I thought I'd return the favor. It's great! I love all the cooking and knitting adventures you have.
And I love reading about your relationship with your sister- it's nice to see family getting along and enjoying the same things.
Sorry about your roommate- clearly she's not as tidy as you are. Does she know how you feel about the mess?
As for Sockapalooza, I love the snowflake socks, too.
Have you seen the Zokni pattern online? (maybe it's zockni, not sure). I'm knitting that right now and loving it (except that I'm doing a heel flap instead of short rows).

Unknown said...

Oooh - I love the snowflake pattern!

greeeenwithenv said...

Ooh, are there bamboo yarns? I have a couple of pairs of socks that are made with a bamboo fiber, and I love how they hold up so well after multiple wears and washes, and they definitely keep the odors done (ahem).

greeeenwithenv said...

I meant down, not done .:p

Knitting in Pink said...

Those are all beautiful patterns. Whichever you picked will be liked.

Ana said...

Anyone you chose will be simply gorgeous. Have fun deciding which one to knit.