Monday, May 28, 2007

Soon Dubu

Final exams, papers, and the qualifying exam have kept me busy. Also, in the midst of all that, looking for an apartment and a roommate. But I finally have time to draw a breath again. Last night, I gave in to my craving for some Korean food (I still haven't been able to find a Korean restaurant up here!), and went to a little Korean grocery about 5 minutes away. I found this wonderful site with some simple recipes, and decided to try to make my all-time favourite, Soon Dubu Jigae, a silken tofu stew.
It was really simple. I browned some marinated beef, added water, kimchi and frozen seafood mix, and then added the tofu. I think I needed a little less water and a little more salt, but it was very satisfying. Since I get cravings for this particular dish all the time, I'm going to get plenty of practice and I'll tweak the recipe until I get it right.

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MooCow said...

Kinda looks like nikujyaga...