Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Various WIPs

Yes, I've been busy, busy, busy with school. And, yes, I should be putting together PowerPoint slides for my group presentation tomorrow. But the knitting must go on! I have been knitting and, while I ruminate on sock patterns and yarn for my sock pal, I thought it was past time to show some pictures of my progress. First, here's my progress on the Victoria Tank I've been knitting from the Summer 2004 IK. If I'm good, I may get to the armholes soon!
Then, I swatched for a cute sweater in Keitodama (a Japanese hand knitting magazine) using the sport-weight Frog Tree Alpaca I bought at The Yarn Tree.
I'm always late to the party. The Cardigan for Arwen knit-along is over, but I've just started my own Arwen. I did a gauge swatch and found that my gauge was slightly off. And I wanted a longer cardigan. I ended up doing some calculations and, after studying the pattern, I realised that I could knit the smallest size, but add slightly to the circumference of the cardigan at the sides without affecting the shaping. I'm also going to add about 1 1/2 inches to the length.
This is what I had on May 1st.
And this is what I have now. That's practically the whole back piece, knit with one skein of Cascade 220! I hope this means that the one extra skein of yarn that I bought to lengthen this cardigan will be enough. I love the heathery colour; I can't wait to get to the cabled parts! I don't mind mindless stockinette stitch sometimes, and the yarn is a nice one to work with, but the the back piece really is just a rectangle.

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