Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Small Packages

I was reading Treva's post about some stitch markers that she'd made and was going to be giving away. I've been thinking a lot about making my own stitch markers because the ones I've seen are always so pretty, but buying them in the quantities I seem to need them in seems a bit expensive. I wasn't sure how to go about it, though, so I commented to Treva that I would love to learn how to make some. She sent some to me so I could examine them for myself!

So, coming back from my final exam for GIS last night, I found a pretty, little lilac envelope in my mailbox. For a moment, I couldn't imagine who had sent it. Inside were these two perfectly packaged stitch markers, held by a miniature wooden clothes pin.

And aren't the markers themselves wonderful? You know when you're a child, and something is so wonderful that you just want to wriggle with happiness? That's how I feel, looking at these markers. I'm definitely going to try making some for myself soon. Thank you, Treva!

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T said...

Glad you liked them!