Monday, May 14, 2007

Yarn Dance

Yay! Yay!! I have yarn! The little box was sitting on the other side of my screen door when I got back from the oral surgeon today! It's been a trying couple of weeks, and no doubt things will continue to be difficult for a while. I'm looking frantically for apartments and/or roommates, my advisor seems to have dropped the ball, leaving my research for this summer and next year uncertain, and it looks like I'm getting 6 teeth (two of them wisdom teeth) taken out at once in preparation for braces. But that little package just brightened my day. I practically danced up the stairs to my apartment with it!

Oh course, I must be strong. I have an exam tomorrow, and I need to study. That means I can't swatch with the turquoise (it turned out to be more turquoise than light blue) Cascade Fixation for the Snowflake Lace socks, or the burgundy Lang Jawoll for the Bayerische (both for my Sockapalooooza pal). I can only stroke the pewter Lorna's Laces, and squeeze the bouncy lilac Panda Cotton, dreaming of a time when we can play. And the little teaser sample of Meilenweit Cotton Stretch that Simply Socks Yarn Co. sent me is such a temptation. But surely, I can be strong for just another day?


Mathgirl said...

There's absolutely nothing like yarn mail to brighten up an icky day. I'm glad it made you feel better :)

greeeenwithenv said...

Ooooh. Just pretend that those skeins of yarn want you to do well on your exam, too. They will wait for you!

Even though you showed a picture of Bayerische in black and white, that burgandy is such a fitting color. Nice choice.