Friday, May 05, 2006

Love at first glance

I signed up for a 5-issue subscription to Interweave Knits a while back when they were having a special: 5 issues for just $19.00! Considering it's $6.99 an issue in the bookstores, that's quite a bargain. I could have gotten the issue that was out then, the Spring '06, but I didn't really like all that many of the patterns. Luckily, I was able to ask the customer representative at IK to make my subscription start with the summer issue.

My Summer 2006 issue of IK arrived today in the mail! I'd scoped out the preview online, but it's much better in the flesh, as it were. I was going to post a picture of the cover, but then I realised that there's a subscriber-only password on it. So many things I'd want to knit - it's a damn shame that the summers are probably pretty short up here.

I love sweaters, I truly do. I like them when they're warm and snuggly and soft and fuzzy in the winter. I like fluffy, delicate mohair, the luxurious bloom of cashmere and alpaca, the clearly delineated lines of cables, the big and small textures of guernseys, the intricate yet natural colour schemes found in Fair Isle knits - I love them all. But I just don't enjoy the winter all that much. I don't like bundling up in layer upon layer of clothing just because I can't take the cold. I hate schlepping a huge overcoat around when I'm shopping inside a mall. I'm really annoyed by the fact that I can only fit about a quarter of the clothing I would squeeze into a suitcase in summer when I'm travelling. Yes, during the winter I really miss the freedom of spring and summer clothing.

That's why these light, little numbers appeal to me so much! This lissome Bias Corset by the master of shaping, Annie Modesitt. Can a girl ever have too many camisoles? I don't think so! We need them in every colour and design under the sun, to go by themselves or under shrugs, jackets, blazers and cardigans. And can I help it that they made it in my favourite colour, a sigh-worthy powedery lilac-blue?
Ooohh.....and look! Laaaaaace! How can anyone resist lace? I love the look of it, and I've definitely fallen in love with knitting it. Of course, I'm not all that impressed by the coloured embroidery on this Bonita Shirt by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. I consider it a little de trop. But otherwise, this definitely looks like something I would enjoy making and wearing. And this issue of IK has various articles on lace! There's even mention of my blog-idol, Eunny Jang, whose blog See Eunny Knit is always an inspiration to me.
Here's picture of the Lotus Blossom Tank (by Sharon Shoji), which appears on the cover. More lace, and in South West Trading Company's Bamboo yarn, which I've been dying to try, but couldn't decide what I wanted to make with it. Now I know!

Yup, definitely drool-worthy. So here's extra motivation to find a regular job that pays well, get a car so I can drive around hunting for LYSs, and finish my WIPs and UFOs so I don't feel guilty for starting another (or another five or six) projects!

Excuse the poor photography. The postman folded the magazine up in the mailbox, and the crease really caught the light. You can see all the other projects in this issue here. Posted by Picasa

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