Friday, May 05, 2006

Blanket Guilt Trip

What, you ask, have I been doing these past few weeks? It seems as though all us bumbling bees have gone quiet. I know Moocow is busy with final papers and projects, but what are Kea and Greenwithenvy doing?

Well, I think I'm about 85% moved in and settled into my new place at the moment. Why just 85 percent? I'm missing a few critical items of furniture and storage/organisation items, so I still have stuff in boxes that I can't put away and, with no car and not much money, that probably won't be changing for a good while yet.

I've been looking for jobs, interviewing and goofing around at home, although I worked yesterday and the day before. Uninspiring stuff as a receptionist for a law firm, whose phone system is whack and makes my life, and theirs, extra difficult. It seems they want me to go back next week and, even though I'm reconsidering the thought that any job is better than sitting at home, I'm not really in a position to turn down work.

But I wasn't idle while I was at home. Seriously, my stash of UFOs was constantly reprimanding me. Especially that crocheted baby afghan, which I've been working on half-heartedly since sophomore year of college. So I've been working on it with a vengeance, even though all those rows of clusters were beginning to get to me. Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern.

So, as you can see from the picture at the top, I've finished the body of the afghan and have finally started working on the edging. (In the background, you can see my desk and parts of my new home!) But now that I'm nearing the finish line (on round 4 of eight rounds of edging) I can see that I'm not going to have enough yarn to finish!

Thinking back quite a ways, I am almost positive I got the yarn from the Ames that used to be in Ithaca. Well, it went out of business and closed down. Fortunately, I don't believe this yarn should be too difficult to come by; it's just some RedHeart Baby Sport Pompadour. Since I'm already at the edging, I figure a slight change in shade from a different dye-lot shouldn't matter too much.

Of course, I could just leave the edging as it is now (see there, on the left?). It looks like a decent edging, doesn't it? Of course, the finished edging would look much better. Should I try and hunt down some more yarn, given that I'm transportation-challenged now?

And does anyone have a baby I can give this to? Posted by Picasa

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greeeenwithenv said...

I know a baby that could use some afghan action! His baptism should be coming up soon. I'd feel bad giving him a hand-made gift that I didn't make myself, though.