Friday, October 26, 2007

Ricotta Basil Lasagna

Way back in secondary school (it was 8th or 9th grade, I think) we cooked a meal for some of the teachers as a home economics project. My partner and I tackled what seemed to us, at the time, a very time-consuming recipe, for a ricotta basil lasagna. It was a huge hit, and I remember our crotchety science teacher, Mrs. Hall, asking for the recipe. I kept a copy of the recipe myself, but lost it several moves ago.

I got a nice, healthy bagful of basil from the CSA a while back. Since I'd already frozen quite a lot from a previous harvest, I wasn't going to freeze any more. That's when I remembered this dish, and I set out to find a recipe, if not the recipe. I found this one online, which seemed very similar, as far as I could tell.
Having made the lasagna now, I am almost certain it is the same recipe. I remember my partner and I had to make a second batch of the ricotta basil sauce at the last minute, as we were assembling the lasagna, because there just wasn't enough to cover the pasta well. The same, exact problem with this recipe. Other than that, the flavour was excellent, and it wasn't as troublesome making the white sauce as I remembered, although all the chopping of basil and grating of cheese would have gone a lot faster with a food processor. One of these days!

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