Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ice Sculpting

Yes, we made like Bill Murray today, minus the chainsaw. The pic below is of our instructor showing us how to use the one power tool we were allowed to employ, a rotary sander.

Here's a close-up of our horsie.

And the finished product! There were 5 horses for 13 of us to work on. At the end of the class, we got to pick one horse to have shipped back to school for our Final Buffet (=final exam), and the class picked my partner's and mine! The others were nice, too, but they couldn't sell them, so they were wheeled out into the sun, tipped over, and left to melt. :(


Macoco said...

Your horse looks amazing! It's so sad that the others were sent out to sit in the sun!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun! That wouldn't last 20 minutes here.

Kea said...

Was that your first attempt at ice sculpting? And without reference material? That's amazing. Reductive sculpting is completely beyond me, I can't handle not being able to stick things back on after I've cut them off.

MooCow said...

Yeah, that was my first attempt at sculpting, period. We did have a machine cut grooves into the block of ice to make us a template though, so we didn't exactly start from nothing. We WERE very concerned about our horse losing his ears though!