Friday, October 26, 2007


Even though I really didn't have the time for it, and shouldn't have gone, I went to Rhinebeck last Sunday. I had been looking forward to it all year, and had promised Pat and Danielle (the mother and daughter who own and operate my favourite LYS, The Yarn Depot) that I would drive. There was so much to see, and we managed to bump into people we knew there, even though there was so much to see, and so many people. I think it was probably even busier on Saturday.Rhinebeck, more properly known as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, really is a fibre lover's paradise. There were all different breeds of sheep, being shorn, shown off, and judged......goats......llamas...(this guy was eating the decorations around his stall)
...and even adorable angora rabbits!
There were lots of ready-made woolly goods (although one has to wonder, with so many knitters, crocheters, felters and fibre enthusiasts running around - who could probably make a lot of this stuff themselves - who would be buying?) that inspired us, such as these ear flap hats...

...these incredible felted hats (See the catalogue at the lower left, from which you can order custom-made hats?)...
...and these absolutely gorgeous Icelandic wool socks...
We had a great time, just poking into various stalls, watching the border collie trials...
...and even a demonstration by the police K-9 unit, which was tonnes of fun.
Students from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America, which was nearby, I think) came to show off their pumpkin carving skills, and this was one of the more elaborate ones.
I had a BBQ lamb sandwich and an apple crumble a la mode (I'm still craving more apple crumble! I'm going to be making my own fairly soon, I'm sure).
So many beautiful colourways and textures! I was tempted by silky smooth fibres and downy soft ones. I'm still unsure whether this was a curse, or a blessing, but I think Rhinebeck is geared more toward spinners. The most beautiful colours I saw there were blended into fleeces and rovings, ready for spinning.
As it was, I actually didn't end up going over my budget, which was a huge surprise. Most of what I wanted to buy was either for spinning - delightful drop spindles, spinning wheels, interesting spinning fibres - or was waaaaaay too expensive, such as the quivut (muskox fibre), buffalo down yarn, and cashmere. One of these days, when I have the time, I really want to learn how to spin properly. But, until then, I guess it was fortunate that I wasn't too tempted by all those things I couldn't do anything with yet.

I don't know if I went on the wrong day, or if it was the unseasonably fine and warm weather. I didn't spy too many interesting sweaters or other lovely knitwear, which was a little disappointing. I did stop this lady to ask her what pattern she had used for her shawl, which was even more stunning in real life. She very kindly modeled her Beefields shawl for me.

As for my windfall from Rhinebeck? Well, I did come away with some yarn goodies. I'll post those later.

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