Saturday, March 04, 2006

Desiree's Birthday Hat

My friend Desiree's birthday was back in January. The day before we were to have her birthday tea party at Alice's Teacup, I went to Seaport Yarns in NYC for the first time and bought some lovely Araucania Atacama 100% alpaca to make a hat for her. Since I hadn't decided on a pattern yet I wasn't sure how much to get, but the very helpful ladies at Seaport suggested I get two hanks, and they even let me wind one up myself using their yarn swift and ball winder! They're such fun - I definitely have to save up for ones of my own.

Seaport Yarns is just amazing!!! I spent hours there, going from room to room admiring their selection of yummy yarns. There's so much stuff in there, they take you on a speedy tour when you go in and they find that you're a first-time visitor. But what amazing self-control! I only came away with the Atacama, an issue of Vogue Knitting, a special issue of Rebecca and some Clover Chibi needles.

After staying up all night to finish the hat - crocheted from a pattern in my copy of Lion Brand Yarn's Just Hats (the Basic Crochet Hat with the top knot) - I wrapped it all up nicely in a box lined with dark brown tissue paper. "Lovely, if I do say so myself," I thought. I could barely wait for her to unwrap it and try the hat on. I just didn't realise that it would look so much like.....a condom.....that first moment when she picked it up, by the knot, out from the box!! Why had the resemblance never struck me before? Was it a creator's love for the cute, little top knot, the alpaca, the colours, that had blinded me? (By the way, the pattern said to make that top knot 4 inches long - even then, I thought that would be slightly obscene! I only made mine about an inch and a half.) Anyway, Desiree professed to love the colours, and we all had a good laugh over the top knot, so I will consider my time well spent and not inquire as to whether or not she actually wears it. I'll try not to, honest! Posted by Picasa

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greeeenwithenv said...

Oh Lana, what a dirty mind you have! ;) Great job on the hat. I love seeing your work again. I miss spending those cold Saturday nights on our couch, working on our knitting and crocheting.

Today I tried to find some yarn for a scarf I'm going to knit for my sister. Two stores, and I still couldn't find what I wanted. *sigh* I'm going to try one more tomorrow. If not, I'll have to order it online.

My roommate recently bought a swift. It makes a very soothing, rainfall-like sound.

greeeenwithenv said...
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