Friday, June 15, 2007

Strawberry Soup

Sorry for my lack of posting, but there may be more kitchen adventure stories from me because but I finally bought a combination food processor/blender the other day! At least I hope I'll have stories to share. I've got to make good use of this thing. Anyway, the first recipe I tested with my new toy was a strawberry soup recipe.

Strawberry soup? Isn't that the same as a smoothie? And aren't I being pretentious by calling it a soup and putting it in a bowl? Well, I don't know if I am, but I got it from The New American Plate Cookbook (highly recommended, by the way), and that's how the dish was presented. And I like it! It's a great summertime beverage... er... soup. Incredibly easy to make, too. Just hit the puree button and voila!

It's pretty to look at, too.

A comment on the cookbook: It's authored by the American Institute for Cancer Research, so the recipes are super healthy and nutritious. I picked it up from the library and have only made this recipe and another so far, but it's definitely a keeper. I think I will start off my cookbook library with this one. Any other cookbook suggestions for a novice home cook (who mainly cooks for one) are welcome!


Lana said...

Oooh, a combination blender/processor? I think I'm the one who's green with envy now!!! And that soup looks absolutely smashing!

MooCow said...

cool! what's the capacity on your blendor/processor? the soup is gorgeous! and as for cookbooks, you NEED to have Joy of Cooking. Standard text in every cook's kitchen for the last 75 years and just updated. no, i don't have a copy yet, but i will one day!

greeeenwithenv said...

Thanks, gals!

The machine is really compact. The food processor holds only 3 cups and the blender is a little bigger at 40 oz. I think it's a good size for me (i.e., someone who's not really adept at using kitchen gadgets, yet).

Oh! I've heard of The Joy of Cooking. You're right, it should be a staple in my library, and it shall. I'm going to the book store today.