Friday, June 15, 2007

Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage

A while ago, when I made a beef stew in my slow cooker, I bought a bottle of Merlot to add to it. Of course, I only used half a cup or so. And, since I don't drink alcohol, it's been sitting there ever since. I'm fairly certain I don't particularly care for the taste of red wine in my food, but I hated to see almost an entire bottle go to waste, so I've decided to give it a couple more tries with some new recipes.
Today, I tried a Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage recipe from the Cook's Illustrated website. While I'm still not overly fond of the red wine flavour, I have to say that it didn't turn out badly at all. (I also got to use my lovely dutch oven.) The chicken was very tender and flavourful, and I loved the mushrooms! I got lazy so, instead of rice, I served it with orzo. Close enough, don't you think? My plate could do with a bit of greenery, though. Next time, it gets a side dish of green beans.

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