Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who loves risotto?

I was a good girl yesterday. I got up early, did some homework (which isn't due for 2 weeks) and cleaned the apartment. Then, I took some time for myself. Not that I don't still have schoolwork to do, but that never goes away. You already heard about the debacle with the energy-efficient light bulb. But I also got some other things done, with much happier results.

I went and bought a box of Chardonnay. I don't drink, so what on earth am I going to do with 5 litres of white wine? Well, I have a whole bunch of recipes I want to experiment with in the near future, soups (slow-cooker and otherwise) and risottos especially. Moocow sent me an article, and I read on Cook's Illustrated, that you don't have to cook with wines that you would be happy to drink; you're still likely to end up with similar, delicious results cooking with an inexpensive wine.

That's good news for me, because I don't drink in general, and definitely have been unable to acquire a taste for wine the times I've tried. So, I'm never likely to invest in a really good bottle of wine. Cook's Illustrated also tested boxed wines, and found them to be great for cooking with. Not to mention that they keep a lot longer without refrigeration, especially the white wines. Again, ideal for my cooking purposes. I share the fridge with my roommate, and there just isn't room to refrigerate a bottle of wine. And, as I mentioned before, I haven't particularly liked the taste of red wine in my food, so I probably won't cook with it as much. The red, I will buy by the bottle, as and when needed.

Why does boxed wine last longer? It's because it's vacuum packed, and the inner plastic bag collapses as you draw the wine out, so that what is left is not exposed to bacteria in the air. You draw the wine out of the handy spigot that takes only a minute to pull out and set up.
And last night's dinner, made with the Chardonnay, was risotto with leeks, yellow capsicums and sun-dried tomatoes. It looks a little dry in the picture because I didn't eat it right away, as I should have (I was washing up my pan), but it was exactly what I had been craving.


MooCow said...

is that the risotto you mail ordered? HAVE you placed a mail order yet?

MooCow said...
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MooCow said...

by the way, you can also use sweet vermouth. julia child did.

Lana said...

The rice might be a little less expensive online, but the shipping makes it totally not worth it, unless I wanted to buy in serious bulk. I ended up buying a 2 lb. bag from my local supermarket. I wish the co-op had it for sale in bulk, though.