Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let me gush a teeny bit...

Recently I've been taking a wine certification course through the WSET (an English organization that bestows certificates and diplomas upon people who are serious about their vino), and have consequently been drinking a lot more wine lately. I love wine, don't get me wrong, but I'm the type of person who doesn't drink fast enough to get through a bottle before it "goes," and so hardly ever drink bottles above $10 when by myself. Still, in class we've been tasting wines that range from $12 to $85.

A few weeks ago though, I happened to be on the Upper West Side and saw a new wine shop, Pour, that one of my classmates works at. Curious of course, I went in and decided to buy a bottle of wine from the region we were studying that week - the Loire Valley. There were only two white Loires (I was in a white mood) in the shop, and only one under $20, from Touraine. It was a 2005 Sauvignon Blanc from Domaine Bellevue that cost $12, and it came home with me. With so much wine to bring home every week from tastings, it sat in a corner for a month before I cracked it open, and....well, all I can say is Oh, My, Goodness.
I've been drinking it for five days, and it's held up pretty darned well. Although it's definitely oaky, the aroma of white flowers, sweet pineapple and crisp minerals seduces you every time you come within three feet of it, seriously. I sat next to an empty glass last night for an hour and just enjoyed its perfume wafting over me. On the palate it was just as brisk and dry, the hint of residual sugar nicely balanced with a not-too-aggressive acidity, with an elegantly loooong finish. It's the loveliest wine I've tasted in a while. Ahhhhh.....this is my ideal Sauvignon Blanc!


Lana said...

If only there were a tea certification course here in the U.S. I'd be the first to sign up! I can't, however, develop a taste for alcohol. I'm glad you enjoyed the wine, though.

greeeenwithenv said...

I can't do alcohol either. I guess I just don't have the palate for it.

Remember the "wines" class in the hotel school that everyone seemed to take? How cute would it be if there was a "teas" class, and instead of the black plastic case holding wine glasses, students could carry around a case of little tea cups and saucers? Yes, that would be awesome.