Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cloudy Cardigan - completed

It's not a very good photo because I had to use my laptop's webcam - didn't want to wake Boyfriend up to borrow his digital camera and card reader - but you're not missing much. It's not like there's any intricate detail on this one.

The fastening is a hair bobble tie that I picked up in Mong Kok for pocket change. I originally wanted to use one of those gigantic goofy-looking safety pins, but I couldn't find one.

I'm actually quite pleased with the way I fit the sleeves. The last time I tried to improvise a sweater (several years ago), I got the armhole and sleeve shaping a bit off and the material bulged out a bit strangely from the shoulder. This attempt turned out much better.

If anyone's interested I'll be happy to post the pattern, if I can remember what the hell it was I did.


Lana said...

It's beautiful, Kea! And I love the cute fastener. =) I'm betting you could sell the pattern on Ravelry.

MooCow said...

Wow Kea, it looks great! The cloudy pattern worked out nicely. You are inspiring.