Saturday, August 04, 2007

Laminated Doughs

What are they, you ask? It is a family of doughs that include puff pastry, croissants, and danishes (above) - basically the yummy, flaky, buttery marvels that make waking up early in the morning a good thing (good bakeries sell out of these by 10am). While cookbooks make it seem really complicated to make laminated doughs, it's really not. You just need to understand the technique and be patient. There isn't a lot of hands-on time involved, but because the dough needs resting and a thorough chilling between each "turn," (when it's rolled out and folded up), making laminated doughs can take a whole day. That's not too difficult if you're putzing about the house on the weekend anyways, or if you're in a pastry shop - just take out the dough every hour or so, roll it out, fold it back up, wrap it again, and back into the fridge. Easy, right?

Well, take a look at how 14 different people made their puff pastries from the same recipe, using the same 5x5 inch square of dough. This picture was taken two weeks ago, and this week we had to do the same pastry again for our exam. The exact same thing happened - some peoples rose taller, wider, just more jubilantly than others. I guess it's like breadmaking...some people just have the touch.


Lana said...

So which one is yours, Moocow? And how'd you do?

MooCow said...

Second from the right in the top row. It was a little modest, but had a good shape. Made another one for the exam last week, and the same thing happened. Dunno...I don't think I have the touch.

MooCow said...

oops,'s the one on the far right in the middle row. Just took a close-up look at it, and my name's on the sheet. It's still one of the small ones!