Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bits and pieces

Here's a bunch of things I made a while back but forgot blog about. Call it retroactive documentation. Let's see:

That's my maroon dress. It's so simple, I didn't even need a pattern and I was able to hand-sew it. It's made out of some stretchy maroon t-shirt material I got from one of my mom's friends, who owns a factory in Shenzhen. I asked him if I could have some leftover scrap, and he gave me about 10 pounds of it. So far, I've turned it into a halter top, a skirt, some pillow covers, a muu-muu, and this dress. I've still got half of it in my closet. The straps are made from some scraps left over from one of my mother's dress projects.

There's the green hat with some vaguely lacy pattern at the edge. It's a Silk Garden hat from Mimoknits, without the Silk Garden. Kinda looks like a 1920s flapper hat, eh?

Some mittens with removable tops I made for Lana. I heavily modified the fetching fingerless gloves from knitty.com for Upstate New York. It didn't seem so much like knitting as architecture, trying to figure out how to knit removable tops where you can't see the seam.

And finally, some black fingerless seed stitch gloves I made for myself. I made the pattern up as I went along.

I can post the patterns for the gloves, if anyone's interested.

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Lana said...

Cool! You have been busy. As the happy recipient of your glove/mittens, I really should post something about them. It's been crazy this week, the first week of classes, but soon....