Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another vague attempt at tailoring

These are the most recent clothes I've made, mostly by reverse-engineering clothes I already had. I used a tank top to get the measurements for the width of the halter top. And I took the measurements for the pants from a pair of gauchos my mom got me from the US, but I made them long instead of mid-calf length. (Calf-length pants annoy me in some way I can't quite describe - it's like they're neither fish nor fowl, or something.)

I can write up instructions if anyone's interested.

Posted by Kea to Bumbling Bees - Sewing at 9/06/2006 07:04:00 AM


Lana said...

It looks spectacular, Kea!!! Ah, would that I wouldn't look dumpy in goucho-style pants.

Kea said...

Yeah, gauchos are rather odd looking pants aren't they? Very comfy though, and fairly simple to make. At least they aren't as odd as what Hong Kong girls were wearing this summer - pantaloon shorts. Makes everyone look like Mickey Mouse.

Lana said...

Please tell me you're kidding!!!!

Kea said...

I kid you not.

greeeenwithenv said...

Pantaloons?!?! Oh... my... goodness. I also have a pet peeve about calf-length pants. Maybe it's because I don't look good in them. :/