Monday, February 26, 2007

No More Muffins, No More Pictures

I found a recipe for lemon poppy seed muffins on the Cook's Illustrated website (you need to pay for membership in order to access that recipe) and made some muffins before going home for Chinese New Year on the 16th. Gracious, was that batter thick! I used my newly purchased hand mixer, and the batter (it was practically a dough) climbed right up the beaters and up into the attaching mechanism at the top! I didn't read the recipe properly before going shopping, so I had lemon juice (bottled) but no lemons, and hence no lemon zest, which is what the recipe asked for. So I substituted in a little lemon juice, since the batter was so thick anyway.

Well, everyone at home (Moocow, my parents, my brother) said that it was kind of dry and not very lemony. I think it might have overbeat the batter, which could account for the dryness. And the lack of zest might account for the lack of lemon flavour. I think I'll try another recipe next time, though. But I forgot the last of the muffins at home when I left........and Moocow threw them out! *sniffle* My advisor and his wife, and my roommate, all said that they were nice. Well, of course they'd say that, but surely they weren't so bad they had to get thrown out?! Why, Moocow, why?

That's not the end of my sad news. I took some nice family pictures while I was at home. I think the greatest part about Chinese New Year (or any major traditional festival) is getting together with family. I hadn't been home for Chinese New Year since graduating high school. Well, my computer crashed as I was transferring my digital photos and trying to burn them to CD, with the result that I lost almost all of them. This, the picture of the pretty goldfish pudding, is all that survived. *sniffle sniffle* And thus, having shared my sad news, my head bows back down to my books.


MooCow said...

you made a goldfish pudding??

Lana said...

I didn't make it, it was at the restaurant where we went for dimsum. It was so pretty, I took a picture. It didn't taste too good, though!