Sunday, February 11, 2007

Farmhouse Yarns

I have a grant proposal to write and six papers to read for class tomorrow, but I took some time for myself today and went to a spinning demonstration at The Lansingburgh Yarn Depot (it's my favourite LYS in the area). The spinning demonstration was given by Carol Morgain of Farmhouse Yarns. Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, and so I don't have any pictures of Carol spinning.

It was wonderful, watching as she spun and told us about how she started her business. Hers is really an inspiring story, and you can find out more about Farmhouse Yarns on her website. Carol herself is fun and gracious; I asked her all the questions I'd been saving up about spinning. I think, some time in the next two months, I'm going to get a drop spindle and learn how to spin. I don't have the space or the funds to buy a spinning wheel now, but a drop spindle is a perfectly legitimate way to start.

Pat (the owner of the Yarn Depot) hosted with her daughter, Danielle, and provided all sorts of goodies to snack on while we talked and shopped. The Farmhouse yarns are lovely, the colourways exquisite. Even though I really, really shouldn't have, I bought three skeins of Cotton Blossom (a cotton and rayon blend) to make a summer top. I couldn't resist the cool, rippled feel of the yarn and the luscious peach colour! Then, being one of the last customers left at the end, Pat let us help her choose which of the yarns that Carol had brought with her today she was going to stock in the shop. Oh, what fun we had! Could time be any better spent? Even though I didn't get to take all that lovely yarn home, I did get to pick the colours that I liked, and know that I might see them again in the shop (unless they all get snatched up before my next visit!).

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