Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tofutsie Socks for Dad

Last week a coworker and I made a trip down to New Paltz to meet the other Hudson River Estuary Program staff members, and attend a staff meeting. Since Clare was driving, I brought along a new knitting project to start, one that I've been wanting to begin for a while.

This sock (of which you can see the cuff) is going to be made of South West Trading Company's Tofutsies sock yarn, and it is made from soy protein and chitin (the material that invertebrate shells and exoskeletons are made of). Chitin has natural anti-bacterial properties, so the wearer's feet are less likely to get smelly (since the odour is due to bacteria).

The only problem with this yarn is that, unlike wool yarn, it isn't very elastic. Moocow bought some, too, and she ran into the same problems, where she cast on (to follow a pattern) a recommended number of stitches, and ended up with a cuff that was way too big. I'm not following a pattern, although I did start with a gauge swatch that included both ribbing and stockinette stitch. The sock still seems a little bigger than I would like. It might be all right for the leg, but I'm thinking of decreasing by a couple of stitches toward the ankle so that they won't be baggy.

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