Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lump of Chocolate Goo

This lump of chocolate goo was Boyfriend's birthday cake. After all those pictures of MooCow's amazing baked goods, I'm almost embarrassed to put this picture up. (Not embarrassed enough, you're thinking.) But for a lump of chocolate goo, I'd have to say it tasted pretty good.

It was my first attempt at chocolate cake. Unfortunately, though the recipe said to grease the baking tin, the slightly crumbly cake got stuck anyway and fell apart when I tried to pry it out. Maybe I should've put baking paper in the bottom. I stacked it up anyway and drenched (splattered?) it with chocolate sauce made by melting chocolate chips into some whipping cream. My attempts to stick the parts that fell off back on were unsuccessful. As you can very well see.

I took all the leftover crumbs and bits that fell off, dumped them into a tupperware, poured the leftover chocolate sauce on it, left it in the fridge overnight. By morning it had turned to the consistency of fudge brownie. Which we then ate with a spoon. Boyfriend said he liked the crumb-goop better than the actual cake.

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