Monday, April 30, 2007

I have a sock pal!!

I joined a sock exchange, Sockapalooza 4, organised by Alison at the blue blog. I waited

impatiently to be assigned a sock pal, someone for whom I would knit a pair of socks. My identity will remain a secret to her until all the Sockapalooza participants mail their finished socks in August. I now know who I'm knitting for, but I don't know who is knitting for me!

My sock pal seems like a really nice lady. Her sock request was simple; no strange likes or dislikes. That means that I pretty much have a free hand in deciding on colour and design which, paradoxically, makes it a little more difficult. I had a look at her blog, on which she had pictures of some sock yarn in her own stash. The question is, do I use variegated yarn, which is what I see a lot of in her pictures? Or should I do something completely different from what she usually gets herself?

Should I choose a pattern first, or the yarn first? Ah, the dilemma! But it's the happiest dilemma I've had all day. All week!

As you can see, I added the Sockapalooza 4 button to my page. As you probably figured out pretty quickly, I haven't figured out how to make the darned thing link to the Sockapalooza 4 page. Help!

There will be pictures tomorrow. Also tomorrow, Moocow will be presenting her thesis. Good luck! I'll be with you in spirit!


greeeenwithenv said...

How fun! This might help for linking the image to the Sockapalooza page. First insert the code for URL (without the + signs):
<+a+ +href+=
Then insert the URL for the web site:
Then close with:
Then insert the code for the image (without the + signs):
<+img+ +src+=
Then insert the URL for the image:
Then close with (without the + signs):

The final result should be this (I don't know if it'll show up properly in the comments):
Okay, it's not showing up, but try it!

Lana said...

Thanks, I did try that. Unfortunately, in the new Blogger template, what goes into the sidebar are widgets which, in some way I still don't understand, don't work exactly the same as inserting those lines of html.