Monday, July 14, 2008

Mint: FAIL!

Not to turn this into a competition or anything, but when it comes to growing mint, I am among the worst. See for yourself.

2008-07-12 Mint Plant 2.jpg
Tiny, tiny leaves

2008-07-12 Mint Plant 1.jpg
Long scraggly stems like vines

Let this be a sort of ego-boost for Kea and MooCow!


Lana said...

It looks like it isn't getting enough sun, my dear. When plants aren't getting enough sunlight, they grow long and spindly as they try to grow to reach somewhere where there is more light.

Kea said...

Yeah, what she said. That one obviously isn't getting enough light. I do remember something from GCSE biology!

MooCow said...

Thanks for the effort, Green, but you shoulda seen my poor rosemaries. They turned brown from the center outward and then just looked like a charred bit of twig. After having them for a year, it was traumatizing.

greeeenwithenv said...

Ugh, I was hoping it was something I could fix with fertilizer because I can't give it anymore sun. That's the sunniest spot in my apartment! Oh well, I was not meant to grow mint.

Kea said...

You could put it directly under a fluorescent lamp, but you'd have to leave it on for like 18 hours a day.