Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wedding Cake by Candlelight

We got married yesterday in an intimate civil ceremony in Alexandria, VA. Who knew it was so easy to get married here? No birth certificates, blood tests, or even a witness were required!

The cake turned out to be a different matter entirely. It was just the two of us, but of course, we had a wedding cake. I've been planning it for three months, but only started baking on Sunday after I got off work. Buttercream was made on Sunday. More buttercream and cake made on Monday. Tuesday (yesterday AM) I started slicing and icing the cake as soon as I jumped out of bed, and only stopped at 12.30, when it was time to get dressed and go to the attorney's office for our ceremony. The picture here was taken without a flash so everything's a bit romantic and golden-looking, but the cake was actually quite white.
There were many different combinations considered, but we ended up deciding on this simple yellow cake with vanilla buttercream and a lemon curd-blueberry filling. I think I should have made the Swiss dots smaller, but didn't really have time to scrape them off, repair the cake, chill it, and start over again, before we had to leave, so here you witness the very studly result. The flower topper, which consisted of liseanthus, hydrangea and freesia, was ordered from Helen Olivia in Old Town who did a fantastic job. The flowers made our car smell gorgeous on the drive home. As for the cake itself, it tasted heavenly.


Marlena said...


Your cake is making my mouth water.

lost or found said...

your cake looks yummy!

congrats! but drats, i would've loved to see you walk down the aisle!!

Lana said...

It's beautiful, Moocow! And the cake doesn't look too studyly.

Kea said...

Congratulations, Moocow! The cake looks lovely.